Important Information

Release of Secure Browsers for Windows and Mac

The 2017-2018 versions of the Windows and Mac OS secure browsers are now available. To download them, please select their corresponding tab. 2017-2018 secure browser information for mobile operating systems will be updated once it becomes available.

Note: Functionality for Secure Browsers 9.5 & 10 will be limited until the 2017-2018 practice tests are released on November 1, 2017. Users can download and install these Secure Browsers for Windows and Mac OS, but launching either Browser prior to release of the practice tests will result in an “Unsupported OS/Browser Combination” message, and some links or buttons will not work. This is not an error. Both Browsers will launch via the desktop icon with access to full functionality once 2017-18 practice tests are available November 1, 2017. Prior to November 1, 2017, districts should use a supported web browser to administer non-proctored practice tests. ELPA21 tests may be administered on supported Firefox and Chrome web browsers only. (ELPA21 is not compatible with Internet Explorer or Safari). Text-to-Speech is available on the Chrome web browser only. The Network Diagnostic Tool and the TTS Check features are functioning and may be used as needed.

Technical Resources

About Supported Browsers

The operating system versions listed in the above table are the only ones officially supported.

These operating systems are supported when software is directly installed on machines and devices. Some types of network installation are supported.

For information about network installation and related requirements, refer to the Technical Specifications Manual for Online Testing.

Warning: Support for New Desktop Operating Systems
If a new desktop operating system becomes available after the secure browsers for this year are released and it is not listed in the above table, it will not be supported. Please do not upgrade to new operating systems on computers that will be used to administer online assessments.

Warning: Support for Updated Mobile Operating Systems
AIR recommends turning off or delaying automatic updates of the iOS, Android, and Chrome operating systems. Doing so will allow AIR to review changes to these systems and address any that pose a potential risk to student testing. Announcements will be posted to the portal when a new mobile OS can be used for testing.


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