The following table lists the supported operating systems and corresponding web browsers for each AIR application. AIR recommends using recent versions of supported web browsers. Regardless of browser, disable pop-up blocking software and enable JavaScript. Be sure to use the correct combination of operating system and web browser. For example, Windows 8 requires Internet Explorer 11.

This table is updated periodically. Please check the announcements for the most recent information regarding support for browser versions.

Supported Operating Systems Supported Web Browsers TA Sites
DEI, Student Practice
7 (Professional & Enterprise) Chrome 60+
Firefox 52+
Internet Explorer 11  
8 (Professional & Enterprise)
8.1 (Professional & Enterprise)
Chrome 60+
Firefox 52+
Internet Explorer 11  
8 RT Internet Explorer 11    
10 (Professional, Educational, & Enterprise) Chrome 60+
Firefox 52+
Internet Explorer 11, Edge  
Mac OS  
10.7 - 10.8 Chrome 60+
Firefox 45+
Safari 7+  
10.9 - 10.12 Chrome 60+
Firefox 52+
Safari 7+  
Fedora 25-26a LTS (Gnome)
Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04 LTS (Gnome)
Chrome 60+
Firefox 52+
8.4b Safari 8    
9.3 Safari 9    
10.3c Safari 10    
11ac Safari 11a    
Chrome OS  
60+ Chrome 60+  

aSupport for this version will begin upon the completion of testing following its release.
bSupport for this version will end upon the release and completion of testing for iOS 11.
cWhen using iOS 10.3 or 11, the following conditions apply:

  • Ensure the English keyboard is installed and set as the default keyboard.
  • Disable Facetime and Skype.