Installing the AIRSecureTest App for Android

The AIRSecureTest mobile secure browser is available from the Google Play store. The process for installing the secure browser is the same as for any other application.

1.On your Android, tap the download link above. The AIRSecureTest application download page appears.

2.Tap Install, and then tap Accept.

The AIRSecureTest mobile secure browser downloads and installs onto your Android tablet. Look for the AIRSecureTest icon.

3.Enable the Secure Browser Keyboard. (This keyboard lacks predictive text, a feature which may provide hints to test answers.) For more information about the Secure Browser Keyboard, refer to the Technical Specifications Manual for Online Testing.

Some external keyboards have a shortcut button that launches the default Android keyboard and overrides the secure browser keyboard. These keyboards may not be used for online testing.

Secure Testing on Android Tablets

The secure browsers for Android tablets require the secure browser keyboard to be selected before students can access the login page. The reason for this is that the default Android keyboard allows predictive text, which would unduly aid students when entering written responses to test items. The secure browser keyboard is a basic keyboard, with no row for predictive text functionality.